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Ok so I know it is the worst thing in the world to download things rather than purchase the product but payday is the end of the month and I’ve just discovered this show and need the soundtrack like I need air. Please internet gods that be, someone give me a link to download the album until I can buy it on payday. I really will buy it I want to support the show seeing as I’m British and never got a chance to see it and believe me that makes me so horrifically sad. Please help.


Can everyone just back off of Shailene for a minute? So maybe she doesn’t quite understand feminism and what she said was a little or lot off mark. Perhaps she wasn’t able to get her point across properly, I know I find it hard to explain quite complex ideologies like feminism sometimes. At times I’ll explain the same point three times until I’m sure I’ve explained it in a way that can leave no doubt that the person I’m talking to knows what I mean, not that they agree but at least understand what I’m saying. Furthermore just a point, this is press junket stuff, a tour that lasts forever and most actors get tired during, it’s a long process of traveling and so on and I know when I’m tired my brain can’t think straight, I was so tired I left my phone on the train once.
I know you’re probably thinking, “yeah but the point is not her being inarticulate about her opinion but that she doesn’t understand it at all”. Well ok fine I get that but does that give you the right to hurl abuse around calling her dumb and shitty and telling her she needs to sit down and shut up? Not really. Feminism isn’t a topic I’m well versed in, these things take education and to some extent an interest, I haven’t ever been particularly involved in activism to do with feminism so I don’t pretend to understand it. Perhaps Shailene hasn’t taken a hand in it either but wouldn’t it seem rude if she ignored the question? You’d hate her for that too, or maybe if she’d have said “I don’t really understand the ideas and practices of feminism and the activism behind it”, you’d call her stupid. You shouldn’t shun or look down on someone for not knowing something, all of you who are judging her had to learn about feminism at some point, you weren’t born understanding it and neither was Shailene, she’s no different.

All I’m trying to say is there are worse flubs she could make and in the grand scheme of things, needing to learn a little more on a subject is never a bad thing. Don’t tear someone down for an inoffensive, non antagonistic, misguided comment by someone who is still learning. Be nicer to people for goodness sake it wouldn’t kill you.

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