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hannibalsbattlebot asked:

I answered some of your questions in a reblog because I just couldn't make it short enough for your ask box. Hope it helps :)

Thank you for your answers. I’ve only just seen your post. I love in your photoset of Hugh carrying the pumpkins Claire Danes isn’t helping at all like please of you are with this beautiful man carry a damn pumpkin you lazy woman! She is literally carrying nothing and you can see he’s having to change position because they are uncomfortably big and heavy.

SEASON 2 FINALE!!! (no spoilers don’t worry)

What the fuck did I just watch!? I’ve only just gotten on the bandwagon and finished season 2. I don’t know what to think, I think I’m so stuck in post show madness that I can’t even think clearly about my theories or thoughts on what any of that last part means. Shit! anyone who wants to feel free to discuss with me because my brain is now mush.


Anonymous asked:

just FYI, mixed race couples can have both people be non-white, eg: black cecil and latino carlos. it would be pretty good representation too because people always assume interracial means at least one white person, and they always think all people of color are the same :(

It would be really dumb of me not to be aware that mixed race doesn’t have to mean one of the partners has to be white, and I’m not dumb. I mention white because that seems to be the issue, that Cecil is predominantly shown in fan art as white, I know that mixed race could mean black and Latino I was going by the “whitewashing” Cecil has received throughout the fandom.

Cecil’s skin colour

I don’t know if the debate is still going on about his skin colour. Personally I don’t care, maybe that makes me worse because I should but I literally just listen to his voice I never pictured a specific skin tone for him. Carlos however it is mentioned that he does have darker skin. I don’t know if this has been mentioned, maybe I’m beating a dead horse, but isn’t it great then if Cecil is white that something in the pop culture thunderdome is showing that mixed race couples happen and that it’s more than ok and normal? and on top of that they are a gay couple also. Neither mixed race or gay mixed race couples are well represented in entertainment and so I think either way it’s a small triumph for the natural diversity that makes up this planet.

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